Tank Containers


"Our ambition is to be the premier provider of Logistics Services for the chemical industry in South India."


Whether you need to transport by road, air or sea, store hazardous or non-hazardous air-conditioned or cold, sort or palletise or consolidate, we provide you logistics.


AuroTrans Maritime Services (P) Ltd. - a company specialising in logistics services for the chemical industry in South India.


Safety in handling, transporting and warehousing, with a minimum of risk both to people and to the environment, is our primary objective.


Based on professional background, the Management and well-trained staff have extensive knowledge of all necessary safety aspects and transportation requirements for a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous goods. We aim to provide customers with excellent logistics services, thus enabling them to serve the fast growing markets in India with short lead times.


Apart from handling Export and Import shipment of packed goods, we also offer Tankcontainers, Gas-Tankcontainers, Trans - shipment and Cross trade services.


Through the vast network of our Principals Messers Taby Schiffahrts-Und Spedition Gmbh, Messberg, 4-Danske Hus, d-20095 Hamburg, Germany, door-to-door services are provided to our customers and we arrange distribution in India.