Flexibags from SIA Flexitanks


Our partnership extends to SIA Flexitanks where we use their top of the line Flexibags for transport. The advantages of Flexibags are as follows.


  • For the transport of non-hazardous bulk liquid commodities.
  • Available in a single skin or multilayer Polyethylene with Polypropylene outer layer.
  • Available with either 2″ or 3″ valve configuration (4″ available upon custom request).
  • 100% Testing to assure the highest quality at our state of the art ISO accredited factory.
  • All sizes available up to 24,000 litre [6,300 Gallons] capacities.
  • One-way and environmentally friendly.
  • Contamination free and sterilized upon request.
  • Design team can provide custom build units for special products.
  • Approved by the Chinese CIQ, the EU the FDA, and the BGA.
  • Boast a seamless construction for seamless performance





The SIA specially designed steam heating pads fit under the flexitank to evenly reheat the cargo before unloading. Electric heaterpads available on request. This heater pad is made to allow liquids, that have a low melting point and can solidify when subjected to low temperatures, to be discharged using either steam or hot water as a heat source.

The Heater Pad is specially designed as a disposable heater pad and consists of 2 lengths of stainless steel pipes at each end fitted with EPDM Rubber tubes which allows steam or hot water to run through them as they are placed in the entire length of the GP container. This bag is placed beneath the flexitank to allow maximum exposure to the heater pad. The inlet hose is made of high modular radiator hose, which can withstand up to 120 deg. C while the outlet hose is made of EPDM braided rubber hose. Both hoses will run along the floor of the container just inside of the bulkhead and positioned up the side of the bulkhead. This low cost disposable heater pad will allow the exporter to enable their shipments to be discharged without worrying about the return of their heater equipment especially when using ISO tanks or other heater pads.


The Technical Specifications of Heater Pad:

General Description: A series of hoses attached to 2 stainless steel pipes.
Hoses: tubes made of EPDM Rubber
Temperature Range: -20 deg.C to +120 deg.C
Working Pressure: up to 7 Bar
Inside Diameter: 8 mm
Outside Diameter: 12 mm
Heat source: Steam (low pressure) or Hot Water (70 – 90 deg.C )

Heater Pad dimensions

Layout Dimensions: 7 feet (Width) x 16 feet (Length)

Packed Dimensions: 7 feet (L) x 18 inches (H)

Approximate Weight: 25 Kilograms